Reine des Sauces is a small family business, at least when compared to the huge multinationals who are now vying for the food industry market.


At Reine des Sauces, we are proud of our heritage, and just as passionate when it comes to offering you foods both healthy and delicious. The Marquis family is actively involved in the company and the development of all the products with the Brand Reine des Sauces, and this since 1991. Today, Linda Marquis, second generation, manages and controls the quality of the all sauces inspired by recipes from Grandma and greatest leaders, respecting the highest production standards in the industry.

We manage to create our sauces both natural, healthy and delicious by combining chunks of fresh vegetables and fresh meat with a unique blend of world spices, olives, capers and quality olive oil. In other words a quite sublime food experience with an explosion of flavors. We prepare our sauces each day in a modern factory certified HACCP and ISO 22000. The products we produce last more than a year in their Mason Jar.



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During the 80s, Reine des Sauces prepared by the Marquis family is on sale for the first time at a supermarket in Montreal.

In 1991, because of the popularity of the meat sauce of La Reine des Sauces, Lucien Marquis created the company Provisions Marquis Inc. to offer the delicious sauce to a greater number of Quebec families.

Ten years later, Marquis Provisions acquired land on the Boulevard Louis-H. Lafontaine to build a modern plant meet consumer standards of Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Today, the company is expanding and is always listening from its customers to offer the best quality pasta sauces, and a wide variety to satisfy all consumer tastes. In 2011, according to Nielsen Panel Data analysis, the Reine des Sauces was this most selling meat sauce in Quebec.